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E-LOK 7-Series, best nz smart lock


The All New Smart Deadbolt

The Smartest Choice

The All New 5-Series, E-LOK's latest innovation in smart deadbolts.

Featuring a sleek and modern design available in Black or Silver, the 5-Series seamlessly integrates into any home décor. Its compact profile complements various styles, while the broad plated stance effortlessly conceals the remnants of an old deadbolt.

With a focus on simplicity and style, the 5-Series is more than just a security upgrade—it's a statement for modern living. Elevate your home's aesthetic and security with the 5-Series smart deadbolt. Choose intelligence, choose elegance—choose the 5-Series.

Silver 5 Series_edited_edited.png
BLK 5 Series Back_edited.png
BLK 5 Series_edited.png

First Impressions Count

The E-LOK 5-Series, is where functionality meets elegance. This compact and stylish smart lock seamlessly blends with your front door, offering a refined touch to your home security.

The 5-Series strikes the perfect balance between modern technology and timeless design, ensuring it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb but instead enhances the aesthetics of your entryway.

With its cutting-edge smart features, including a built in Auto Lock Sensor, Lock/Unlock Switch, and many more, this lock provides secure and convenient entry/exit, giving you control at your fingertips.

Pair the 5-Series with a crisp new pull handle or lever, to effortlessly elevate your homes security and aesthetics.

Unlock With Ease


150 Unique Pin-Codes

RFID Card.png
Unlock switch_edited.png



Mechanical Key

Wi-Fi Gateway

Unlock Switch (Interior)

Security With Certainty

Have the ease of automatic locking when you own an E-LOK 5-Series.

The E-LOK 5-Series comes with a built in *Auto Lock Sensor, and included is an Auto Lock Magnet. These work in conjunction, to ensure an Automatic Locking sequence takes place when the door closes again after Entry, or Exit.

As you retract the deadbolt and open the door from the outside by unlocking, or inside via the lock/unlock switch, the Auto Lock Sensor disconnects from the Magnet. As you close the door and the Sensor connects to the Magnet again, the door locks by shooting the deadbolt.

This function gives you confidence and enhances your smart lock experience, as you can be assured of a timely, and smooth locking sequence.

*The Auto Lock Sensor/Magnet function is not mandatory, and can be disabled.

View E-LOK 5-Series Manual for more information on the Auto Lock Sensor/Magnet.

5 Series Side on Installed

E-LOK App as Standard

E-LOK 5-Series is controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Gateway, on the same trusty E-LOK App as the 6,7,8 & 9-Series.

Set up your preferred pin-codes, including permanent, custom, timed, one-time and recurring.

Link the included 3 RFID Cards to your E-LOK 5-Series and purchase additional RFID Cards as required.

Manage your access control and locking settings, such as the Auto Lock Sensor, Passage Mode.

Untitled design (16)_edited.png

No Lack of Functionality

Unlock switch on the interior side of the E-LOK, perfect for quick locking and unlocking.

Bright, easy to read, backlit electronic keypad. LED lights, including lights for unlocking/locking result.

Exterior Panel IP55 weather rated, designed to take on New Zealand conditions.

Auto lock or passage mode programming, set and controlled by the E-LOK app.

+ additional features within the E-LOK App including disabling lock sound.

Back-Side on 5 Series SLV_edited.png

Additional 5-Series Features


Super Easy Installation
A simple 10-minute installation process. All parts are included in the package along with installation instructions.

password (1).png

Scramble Code System
Secure your pincode from prying eyes, add a random sequence of numbers before your code and your E-LOK Smart Lock will still unlock

Untitled design (32)_edited.png

In Depth Settings
The E-LOK App has a bunch of settings which you can alter to your liking. Settings such as, Lock Sound, Tamper Alert, and Control of Reset Button.


Passage Mode
Set passage mode on or during set hours and dates, allow for quick access. 


Authorised Admins

Delegate various levels of access and control of your E-LOK via the E-LOK app.


Remote Unlock
Pair the E-LOK with the E-LOK Gateway to manage your lock remotely over Wi-Fi network.


Built-In Auto Lock Sensor
Stress no more about whether your door is locked or not. With the built in Auto Lock Sensor, locking is automatic after the door is closed. (Dependent on other factors, read manuals closely)


150 Pincodes
Run out of ideas for pincodes before the E-LOK runs out of space to store them, easy!

drop (3).png

IP55 Protection
Coupled with a two-year warranty, trust your E-LOK will last the test of time against New Zealand conditions

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