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E-LOK Trouble Shooting

Can’t connect to E-LOK:

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone.

  • Restart the app and try reconnecting.

E-LOK won’t unlock via Bluetooth:

  • Check Bluetooth is enabled.

  • Restart app and try Bluetooth unlock again.

Won’t unlock via Gateway:

  • Select your lock and tap settings

  • Tap remote unlock and enable

Batteries are flat:

  • Remove key cover near bottom of front panel.

  • Insert and turn provided mechanical key to release lock.

  • Replace batteries with fresh set.

Can’t remember pin-code:

  • All registered un-lock codes are stored on the app.

  • Check for un-lock codes under the “passcodes” icon.

Lock still works but isn’t on app:

  • Complete a factory reset using method 2.

Lock doesn’t disengage the front handle:

  • Lock will be set on passage mode

  • Select lock, tap settings

  • Tap passage mode and disable

Lock doesn’t engage side bolt on 4-point mortice:

  • E-LOK 7-Series doesn’t have a euro cylinder and won’t throw side bolt on 4-point lock.

Methods of Factory reset:

  1. Open the E-LOK app, select your lock, tap into settings and press delete, use the passcode you set for your account with E-LOK App. This will take your E-LOK back to factory, where you can set it up from scratch.

  2. If you E-LOK is still operating but has disappeared from the app complete this process for a manual reset: on the back plate, remove the screw protecting the batteries, leave the batteries installed, locate the reset button beside the bottom left battery, long press for 5 seconds, you will hear “Please Input Initialisation Passcode”, input the code “0000#”. This will reset the E-LOK to default. From there you can set-up the E-LOK from scratch

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