E-LOK 7-Series, best nz smart lock


New Zealand's First Smart Lock for Aluminium Joinery

Unlike any other smart lock on the market, E-LOK 7-Series measures at 38mm wide. 

The 7-Series is purpose built for narrow style aluminium joinery common on New Zealand homes built in the 90's and 00's. The 7-Series also suits new and recent builds.


Built for the Elements

Choose between Electroplated Matte Black or Brushed Stainless Steel on your own E-LOK 7-Series.


Customise your order with multiple sized back set mortises available.

Add-on the E-LOK Gateway to take the Bluetooth functionality of the 7-Series and transmit data remotely via Wi-Fi.


Spare no Features

The 7-Series is a full-function smart lock that packs a punch. 7-Series comes with all up-to-date industry standard unlock functions you'd expect on a smart lock.

On E-LOK 707 Unlock via Clarity Fingerprint Sensor plus other unlock functions including:

  • RFID Card

  • Pin Code

  • Bluetooth

  • Key

Custom Solutions

Now available with Snib Lever, E-LOK 7-Series can now retrofit over double turn pull handle kits. With Coverplates to cover existing holes, your front door will never have looked better and been smarter.

Snib lever is available with both non-Fingerprint and Fingerprint models.

Coming soon: Snib Lever E-LOK for Sliding Doors.

Mobile App as Standard

E-LOK 7-Series ships with Bluetooth functionality as standard requiring no adaptor upgrades.

E-LOK App allows you to manage, create and alter multiple locksets, pass codes and E-LOK Gateway's directly from your phone.

The app is easy to use and setting up your lockset only takes a few minutes.

Sliding Screw Case Design

Brand new to the range is adjustable height screw casing on all

E-LOK 7-Series models. The addition of the sliding screw casing design makes retrofitting a breeze. This feature will give you the confidence that the E-LOK 7-Series will fit in and cover up existing holes in your door.

You can check if the E-LOK 7-Series will cover the holes in your door by using our mortise template. Simply measure or print out this template and compare against your door, easy!

Click Learn More to view E-LOK 7-Series Mortise Templates

E-LOK designed for retrofit, fits on any door

Additional 7-Series Features


Anti-Panic Exit System

Exit your door by only pulling down the handle, E-LOK 7 Series allows for fast exit

password (1).png

Scramble Code System

Secure your pincode from prying eyes, add a random sequence of numbers before your code and your E-LOK will still unlock


Eco Drive

E-LOK simply engages the handle to the latch to be unlocked, rather than driving the latch. This saves both the drive motor and batteries.


Passage Mode

Set passage mode on or during set hours and dates, allow for quick access.


Authorised Admins

Delegate various levels of access and control of your E-LOK via the E-LOK app.


Remote Unlock

Pair the E-LOK with the E-LOK Gateway to manage your lock remotely over Wi-Fi network.

drop (3).png

IP55 Protection

Coupled with a two-year warranty, trust you E-LOK will last the test of time against New Zealand conditions


Unlimited Pincodes

Run out of ideas for pincodes before the E-LOK runs out of space to store them, easy!


Live Notifications

Paired with the E-LOK Gateway, receive live notifications when your E-LOK is unlocked. Name access codes accordingly and see who is entering your building.