E-LOK App/Usability

Do I Have to Use The App With The E-LOK 7-Series?

You must use the app in the set-up process. Once this is completed, and you have set the passcodes you want, you don’t need to use the app.

How Do I Create Unlock Codes?​

Open the App, tap “Passcodes”, press menu icon on right side of page, tap “Generate Passcode”, select style of passcode including permanent, timed or one-off passcodes. Press generate passcode, change the passcode to your choice and name it, press generate passcode. You will now be able to use this passcode. E-LOK App will register records when this code has been used.

How Do I Delete Unlock Codes?

Simply open the E-LOK App, tap “Passcodes”, select the passcode you want to delete, and press “Delete” at the bottom.

Can someone walk up to my door, connect to my E-LOK 7-Series and get inside?

No, your E-LOK 7-Series registers your account on E-LOK App as being the administrator. Only you can connect and control your E-LOK 7-Series. Strangers can’t connect and compromise your home security.

I’m at home and I don’t want to have to unlock my E-LOK 7-Series every time I go through my door, what do I do?

You enable passage mode via the E-LOK App, this will stop E-LOK 7-Series from automatically locking once closed. Open the app, select your E-LOK 7-Series, select settings, select passage mode and turn on. Make sure before you leave your home to turn passage mode off.

How does E-LOK 7-Series lock?

E-LOK 7-Series is automatically programmed to disengage the outdoor handle from the latch, effectively locking. Ensure to always lift the handle to engage the bolt. This ensures maximum security