E-LOK 7-Series Fitting

How Do I Fit My E-LOK 7-Series?

If you are uncomfortable fitting the E-LOK 7-Series yourself, please call a technician to do it for you. Otherwise, follow the instruction manual for fitting the E-LOK 7-Series which is downloadable on the E-LOK.com website. Make sure to test fit and turn on the E-LOK 7-Series before fully screwing it in place.

How Do I Change The Handing on My E-LOK 7-Series?

When you take your E-LOK out of the box, loosen the internal hexagonal screw that holds the handle in place. Flip the handing and ensure you do the same for the back panel. Adjust the clutch so the arrow points in the direct of the handle. This is documented in the instruction manual.

What Back Set Mortice Should I Use?

It is best to identify the back set of your original mortice that is installed on your door and purchase a mortice with the same back set. Common sizes in New Zealand Aluminium Joinery are 30mm,35mm and 40mm.

Will The Mortice That Comes With The E-LOK 7-Series Fit in The Place of my Original Mortice?

The standard E-LOK 7-Series mortice is designed to fit almost every space. The case size dimensions are similar popular brands in NZ. Just ensure you are fitting the same back set into your door.