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E-LOK Smart Lock General Info

How Well Protected is The E-LOK Smart Lock From Rain?​

The E-LOK 7-Series is specifically designed for New Zealand’s harsh outdoor conditions. The E-LOK 705 and E-LOK 805 is IP55 rated, meaning its protected against dust and jets of water from any angle.

What Batteries Does my E-LOK Smart Lock Use?

It is recommended to use 1.5V Alkaline Batteries to power your E-LOK Smart Lock.

E-LOK 7-Series requires: 4 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

E-LOK 8-Series requires: 4 x AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

How Do I Know When To Change My Batteries?

In the E-LOK app, tap into “Settings”, then select “Basics”, tap “Battery” and then press “Update”. This will display updated information on how much battery is left.

Can I Have Multiple Smart Locks in the App?

You can have an unlimited amount of E-LOK products loaded into the app. Ensure you name them individually and set the right un-lock codes for the right locks.

Do E-LOK Smart Locks Work without Batteries?

In order to use the E-LOK without batteries will you have to use the security key override. This lets you leave and return with the E-LOK still secure, as you can lock it by pulling the handle up. We recommend always keeping fresh batteries installed.

What different ways does the E-LOK Smart Lock Unlock?

The E-LOK 705 & 805 has four unlock methods:

  • Pin code

  • RFID Card

  • App via Bluetooth

  • Security Key

The E-LOK 707 has five unlock methods:

  • Pin code

  • RFID Card

  • App via Bluetooth

  • Security Key

  • Fingerprint

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