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The All New 5-Series Smart Deadbolt


This E-LOK, along with the 6-Series, comes in two unique finishes of Black, or Silver. The 5-Series E-LOK, has a built in Auto Lock Sensor, increasing the functionality of the product, and decreasing the pressure on you, the user, to make sure your door is locked when it closes. Powered by the original E-LOK App, you can unlock the 5-Series using the backlit keypad, with the included RFID cards, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the App, with the mechanical key, and more. The 5-Series is perfect for a retrofit situation, to cover the holes of an old deadbolt.


Features and Benefits:

  • Two stylish finishes of Black or Silver.

  • Unlock via PIN-Code, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key or remotely with E-LOK Gateway Wi-Fi Add-on.

  • Built in Auto Lock Sensor that comes with Auto Lock Magnet, to ensure you door locks automatically after it is closed.

  • Set various types of PIN-Codes, including time limited for Airbnb, one-time for tradies, recurring for employees and others.

  • View unlock records, including failed unlock attempts.

  • Manage range of additional settings through E-LOK App.

E-LOK 5-Series Smart Lock

    • Exterior Panel IP55 Weather Rated

    • 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries (included)

    • Powered by easy to use E-LOK app

    • Easy to use backlit Keypad

    • E-LOK Wi-Fi Gateway Compatible

    • 33-58mm suitable door thickness

    • 60-70mm backset deadbolt available

    • Custom PIN-Code, 150qty Max

    • RFID Card, 200qty Max

    • Bluetooth, Via E-LOK App

    • Mechanical Key

    • Wi-Fi, Via E-LOK Gateway Wi-Fi Add-on

Please Contact Your Local Stockist To Purchase

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