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E-LOK 7-Series, best nz smart lock

NEW Integrated WiFi Option  

available in Black and Silver

Need a new Door Lock?

8-Series is the latest E-LOK Smart Lock. Perfectly designed for timber doors and wide-frame aluminium doors. 

Is your old door lock causing you headaches?
The 8-Series seamlessly covers the holes of most common existing door locks.

Whether for retrofit or for new, E-LOK 8-Series is your best door companion.

E-LOK 805-0-BLK Front Panel Outline.png
8Series need a new smart lock?
E-LOK 805-0-BLK Smart Lock.png

Never Lose Your Keys

Forget your keys with the new E-LOK 805 Smart Lock.

Unlock using your choice of up to 200 unique secure pincodes, or use one of the included RFID access cards for convenience.

Set the 8-Series to Autolock or Passage Mode, controlled from the E-LOK App. Deadbolt your door by lifting the handle and if in passage mode, hold the "#" key on the Keypad to lock.

Now available with the option to have the WiFi bridge built into your 8-Series. Ditch the Gateway and have this all built in one. 

Available with secure 60mm and 70mm backset mortice locks.

Five easy unlock Methods:


4-9 digit PIN-Codes
Up to 200 unique codes

RFID Card.png

RFID Cards
3 included


Bluetooth control


Mechanical Key


Built in With 805W or
E-LOK Gateway Add-on for standard 805

Sleek, flowing design

Packed with all the latest Smart Lock features with none of the fancy looks. 

The design of the E-LOK 8-Series is sleek and flowing. The smart lock is Incognito on your door. Until you unlock your door, the E-LOK 805 sits sleek and quiet, complimenting your entrance.

Good design shouldn't grab the eyes. The symmetrical flow of the E-LOK 805 is easy on the looks and matches a wide range of door entrances. 

E-LOK 805-0-BLK Off.png

Mobile App as Standard

E-LOK 8-Series is controlled via Bluetooth with the E-LOK app, available for both Android and Apple IOS devices.

Set up your preferred pincodes, including permanent, custom, timed, one-time and recurring. Digit length 4-9 numbers. 

Link the included 3 RFID Cards to your E-LOK 8-Series and purchase additional RFID Cards as required

View and manage all set unlock codes, RFID cards, Admins and view unlock attempts including failed attempts.

Untitled design (16)_edited.png

Extra 8-Series Features:

Privacy Lock, prevent certain pincodes and RFID cards from unlocking your smart lock with the flip of a switch.

LED Indicator lights, separate colour indication for successful unlock, failed unlock and waking the pinpad.

IP55 weather rated, designed to take on New Zealand conditions.

Auto lock or passage mode programming, set and controlled by the E-LOK app.

+ additional features within the E-LOK App including disabling lock sound.

E-LOK 805-0-BLK Rear Panel Cover.png

Additional 8-Series Features


Anti-Panic Exit System

Exit your door by only pulling down the handle, E-LOK 8 Series allows for fast exit

password (1).png

Scramble Code System
Secure your pincode from prying eyes, add a random sequence of numbers before your code and your E-LOK Smart Lock will still unlock


Eco Drive

E-LOK simply engages the handle to the latch to be unlocked, rather than driving the latch. This saves both the drive motor and batteries.


Passage Mode

Set passage mode on or during set hours and dates, allow for quick access.


Authorised Admins

Delegate various levels of access and control of your E-LOK via the E-LOK app.


Remote Unlock

Pair the E-LOK with the E-LOK Gateway to manage your lock remotely over Wi-Fi network.

padlock (1).png

Auto lock
Set the E-LOK Smart Lock to Auto lock on timer. This locks the smart lock after an unlock code has been used.


200 Pincodes
Run out of ideas for pincodes before the E-LOK runs out of space to store them, easy!

drop (3).png

IP55 Protection

Coupled with a two-year warranty, trust your E-LOK will last the test of time against New Zealand conditions

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