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The Smart Way to Secure Your Home: Understanding Smart Lock Technology

In today’s digital age, home security is evolving beyond traditional locks and keys. Smart locks, such as E-LOK, represent the forefront of home security technology, offering both convenience and enhanced protection. But how do these devices actually work, and what makes them a smart choice for your home?

Let's unlock the answers!

How Smart Locks Work:

Smart locks utilise advanced technology to secure your home without the need for physical keys. Here’s a breakdown of the technology that powers smart locks like E-LOK:

9 Series E-LOK with RFID card being used
9 Series E-LOK with RFID card being used

  • Wireless Communication: Smart locks connect to your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely.

  • Encryption and Security: Utilising advanced encryption, smart locks ensure that the digital keys to your home are safe from hackers.

  • User Authentication: Whether it's through a mobile app, RFID card, or even biometrics, smart locks offer multiple ways to verify your identity before granting access.

Advanced Access Features:

E-LOK smart locks go beyond basic locking and unlocking. They allow you to manage access precisely how you see fit:

  • Multiple User Codes: Assign unique access codes to family members, friends, or service providers. This feature lets you know exactly who is entering your home and when.

  • Temporary and Timed Codes: Ideal for Airbnb hosts or homeowners needing to grant temporary access to guests. Set codes that last for a specific duration, ensuring your property remains secure after the access period ends.

  • Access Notifications and Logs: Receive real-time notifications when someone enters your home. The E-LOK app maintains logs of all access events, providing a detailed view of entries and exits for added security and peace of mind.

Benefits of Smart Locks:

Convenience: Say goodbye to fumbling with keys at the front door. E-LOK Smart locks can be unlocked through several simple methods including - E-LOK App, Numbered Code, RFID Card, and Fingerprint**.

Control: Grant and revoke access remotely*—perfect for letting in guests or service professionals without being home.

Security: Receive alerts on your phone if your door is unlocked unexpectedly. Plus, you can check the lock status from anywhere, giving you peace of mind*.

Choosing the Right Smart Lock:

When selecting a smart lock, consider the following:

Compatibility: There is an E-LOK for every door type, whether you’re retrofitting or installing onto a new door.

Features: All E-LOK products feature the same remote access*, E-LOK app with usage logs.

Security Standards: Opt for locks that provide robust encryption and security measures to protect against unauthorised access.

E-LOK General Features


With their advanced features and user-friendly design, smart locks like E-LOK are transforming home security. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home security or simply enjoy the convenience of keyless entry, E-LOK provides a reliable and secure solution that fits the modern lifestyle.

Ready to step into the future of home security?

View our E-LOK range of Smart Locks and find the perfect fit for your home Link to E-LOK Products

*Some E-LOK Smartlocks require a Gateway to connect via Wi-Fi as it isn’t built into the lock

**Only the 7 Series 707 / 717 E-LOK has a Fingerprint option - 7 Series Link


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